Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just how stupid is Satan anyway?

Christians are taught that sometime in the future there will be an epic battle between the forces of good and evil. Jesus will return to earth to battle against Satan and finally defeat him, ushering in a new existence. This is taught right out of the last book of the bible, Revelation.

Republican presidential candidate, Rick Perry at 2010 fundraiser for the Beltway 8 Crisis Pregnancy Center in Houston, Texas commented:
Because we know how the Bible ends,” Perry continued, “we can rely on His strength to persevere and never, ever give up, in doing good.”
But have these Christians ever asked themselves just how stupid Satan is?

All that ole' Scratch has to do is read Revelation and change his plans accordingly. Really, if Satan doesn't want to be defeated, he just needs to do enough to avoid what is "prophesied" in Revelation. Or do nothing at all. If Satan does nothing at all, what's Jesus going to do? Throw the first punch?

Doesn't the whole book of Revelation tip God's hand anyway?

Can't Satan read? 

How stupid.