Friday, November 9, 2012

Hateful Jim Hayett gone from Lake Country Living blogs

I guess I should have read Jim Hayett's last post where he said he was finished blogging at Lake Country Living, but since I haven't given a damn about him when I was kicked off the blogs myself by ridiculing his ego with a masturbation joke, why should I bother?

Jim Hayett's blog "Fighting Liberal Lies" has been completely removed from Lake Country Living Blogs. (Although you can find cached posts). I don't think he was banned by LCL outright. What I know from the Lake Country Living CMS is in all likelihood, Hayett himself either opted to have his entire blog hidden or completely deleted, or the LCL staff (probably editor Scott Petersen) could have done at Hayett's request.

UPDATE 12:15 PM: According to my brother they have since changed how blogs are managed. While a blogger can moderate comments they are unable to delete their blogs. Only an higher level administrator could have done so. Stil, I don't know why LCL would delete Hayett after so many years, unless they are trying to protect him?

Besides, when Jim gets upset -- which is usually quite often -- he threatens to stop blogging to play on your sympathy -- because, after all -- conservatives are the less emotional partisans. (Ha ha.)

Jim Hayett

Hayett did this before a few years ago. He stopped blogging for a quite some time because he was so distraught that he could no longer shout down the criticism over his posts, only to return a few months later. Once Hayett is done crying and feeling sorry for himself over the Romney/Ryan lost, I am sure he'll be back blogging the same old hate-mongering vitriol at LLC blogs.

This morning, my brother, Alien Relay 2.0 blogger at LCL, sent me this email of a post by georgedubyabush :
Jim 'Hater Of Employees That Don't Lockstep' Hayett says he's done ("My Final Blog").
I think it's safe to assume that his departure is directly related to his dictatorial
decree regarding the firing of his employees for reason of not voting for the
candidates of his choosing.

Kudos to the management here at LLC for voting the hate-centered extremist off

the island ... it's about time. 
Nov 04, 2012 11:57 AM
In Hayett's last post before his blog went inactive, apparently somewhere in a rambling  hundred or so word post that I skimmed over and according to "georgedubyabush," Hayett stated that he would fire his employees if Romney didn't win and that he would not blog anymore. (FYI: that post is not cached.) Hayett, is following in the footsteps of other CEO's who likewise threatened to fire employees in an Obama win. Jim Hayett is a principle with Morgan Hayett Financial in Pewaukee.

Seriously, what kind of irrationally vindictive person are you if you think it is perfectly acceptable action to punish innocent people by destroying their lively-hoods if you do not get your way? (Such a job creator you are!) It's not like the handful of Hayett's employees would have affected the overall popular and electoral vote. (Romney and Ryan did win the Lake Country Area by huge margins by the way.) Since this has now surfaced, I really hope his employees find new jobs somewhere else because there is no telling what measures an unstable person like Jim Hayett would take.

It occurs to me that threating to fire your employees because of politics is expressly illegal in Wisconsin. I have to wonder if Jim Hayett's decision to stop blogging is so he can't be prosecuted by not leaving any evidence of his words behind? I wouldn't be surprised if that is the reason why his blog has been completely scrubbed. 

Anyway, I am sure that Hayett is blaming everyone but himself. Nope it's not his fault, it's that lying liberal media's fault at Lake Country Living that personally invited him to blog there in the first place.

Good riddance Hayett -- even if for a few months.

You can read more about Jim Hayett's credibility, here,  here and here. The short of it, he lied about a 3 year study when I repeatedly asked him for several years to produce the data he failed to so, but continued to blog about all those "liberal lies" anyway. I also caught wholesale copy-and-paste plagiarism by him several times.