Friday, November 9, 2012

Jim Hayett - A Chance to Explain Yourself

I just sent Jim Hayett an email to his office at his personal email to give him a chance to explain himself. (I have his email address because he used to harass me until I told him to fuck off and then he finally left me alone.)
Hello Jim-

Boy! I do love waking up with Obama as president! Four more wonderful years! Don't you think?

Anyway, my brother notified me this morning that you have scrubbed your blog from the LCL site. I can only find cached previous posts and not your most recent one where you announced that your quitting.


Is it because you broke Wisconsin's employer non-discrimination law (111.3) and now you are covering your tracks by deleting the evidence so can not be prosecuted? Were you banned by LCL because you threatened to fire those employees who voted for Obama or Baldwin?

Or are you pouting because Romney lost?

Best regards,

That was about 5 minutes ago. I'll post the responses if I get them.